Capacity Building Fund

ISIF Asia has offered support to former and current funding recipients to identify capacity building opportunities such as training/mentoring programs to help them grow. Selected recipients might choose from specific options (attending specific events, receive online training, apply for an internship, or support a consult) to develop new skills or to get their strategies on the right track. Support from the capacity Building Fund is allocated through a separate request process, or by invitation from the ISIF Asia secretariat, once the needs have been identified. This support is only available for current and former recipients. Some examples of the support received are listed below:

  • APNIC 41 Auckland February 2016
    Ulrich Speidel from University of Auckland has receive support to attend the conference as a speaker, to share updates about the project funded by ISIF Asia on TCP/IP tunelling to improve connectivity for the Pacific Islands. 
  • APNIC 40 Jakarta September 2015
    Five representatives . Each year, the APNIC community has the chance to come together for policy development, decision-making, education, information sharing, and networking – both professional and social. APNIC 40 program agenda is available at
  • COHRED Forum 2015 Philippines August 2015
  • JFDI.Asia online courses August 2014 to March 2016
    60 . JFDI was founded in Singapore in 2010 by Hugh Mason and Wong Meng Weng. The community has since helped thousands of people in Asia to engineer innovative businesses around their ideas. They can do this because innovation is evolving from an art into a science, and because we have built a community who share their expertise and experience turning ideas into reality. JFDI.Asia received generous financial support from the Information Society Innovation Fund (ISIF) allowed 60 additional startup business teams to join the JFDI Discover pre-accelerator program. The 60 teams are all ISIF Asia funding winners seeking to accelerate their learning and thereby scale and grow the impact of their ideas.
  • WiSATS 2015. United Kingdom. July 2015
    One . WISATS 2015, 7th International Conference on Wireless and Satellite Systems covered fields such as Satellite Technology, Satellite Systems, Wireless, Satellite Communication and Wireless Communication.
  • APrIGF 2015 Macau, June 2015
    3  . The Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) 2015 was held from 30 June to 3 July at Macau University of Science & Technology, Macao, hosted by HNET.Asia and Macau High Technology Industry Chamber. Gathering 150 regional delegates including 30 youth participants, the APrIGF 2015 continued the objective of advancing Internet governance development and engaging the next generation of Internet leaders, see The recordings of each session are available to be downloaded at One aspect to highlight about the overall program was that there were more workshops that discussed Human Rights and Gender compared to last year.
  • RightsCon Philippines May 2015
    Representatives from 7 organizations supported by ISIF Asia received support to attend the first edition of the RightsCon event in the Asia Pacific region. Besides the event, they had a breakfast meeting with IDRC officials organized by the ISIF secretariat. 
  • ICTD 2015 Singapore, May 2015
    Representatives from 6 organizations supported by ISIF Asia received fellowships to attend the ICTC 2015 conference, They also participated in a workshop ISIF secretariat organized focusing on fundraising and a visit to JFDI.Asia to pitch their projects. The Seventh International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development 2015 (ICTD2015) maintained the commitment to a multidisciplinary, research-focused conference. Over four days, from May 15 to May 18, 2015 hosted by the Singapore Internet Research Centre, Nanyang Technological University, the conference programme included 22 papers, 49 Notes, 31 Open Sessions and 24 Demonstrations from scholars, and practitioners. ICTD2015 was a highly international and diverse event; with 243 participants from 47 nationalities across six continents.
  • AVPN 2015 Singapore, April 2015
    Representatives from 2 organzations supported by ISIF Asia (Michael Ginguld from Airjaldi in India and Rajendra Poudel from Amakomaya in Nepal) received support to attend the conference and were invited to participate in the Investment Showcase. The AVPN Annual Conference is the must-attend event that brings together VP and SI leaders and active supporters from Asia, North America and Europe. The Conference promotes shared learning, best practices and active networking across diverse sectors to build a vibrant and high impact venture philanthropy community in Asia. All partners will have a chance to meet leading venture philanthropy practitioners, promote their brand/organisation at the event and more broadly across AVPN’s 4,000+ contact database.
  • APNIC 38 Australia, September 2014 and UFE+ResCom Mentoring sessions 
    Representatives from 3 organizations supported by ISIF Asia (Francesca Feruglio and Barnabas Kindo from in India, Jacqueline Chan from Operation ASHA in Cambodia and Ano Tsonga from the maori Databas in Cook Islands) received fellowshp support to attend APNIC38 conference. They also received mentoring on evaluation (UFE) and communication (ResCom). Each year, the APNIC community has the chance to come together for policy development, decision-making, education, information sharing, and networking – both professional and social. 
  • APrIGF 2014 India, July 2014
    Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) has been held annually since initiated in 2010 in Hong Kong. The APrIGF serves as a platform for aggregating IGF related discussions and collaborations at the regional level, which ultimately advances the Internet governance development in Asia Pacific. The main theme of APRIGF 2014 is “Internet to Equinet – An Equitable Internet for the Next Billion!”, with the accelerating demand in Asia for internet addresses, Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum, provides a multi-stakeholder platform with the emphasis on the diversity of participants and openness of the discussion. Nica Dumlao from Foundation for Media Alternative (Philippines) received support to participate at the meeting as a speaker and workshop organizer. 
  • ICANN 49 Singapore, March 2014
    Sheau Ching Chong, Teddy Mantoro and Mashiur Rahman where selected as ISIF Asia Ambassadors to attend to historic ICANN 49 meeting held in Singapore in March 2014. The Ambassadors were sponsored by the ICANN Asia Hub (Singapore) through the support from Kelvin Wong (Outreach and Public Responsibility , managed by) under the leadership of Yu-Chuang Kuek, Asia's Stakeholder Engagement VP. More details about the ISIF Ambassadors and their experience at the ICANN meeting here.
  • School on Applications of Open Spectrum and White Spaces Technologies, Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), March 2014
    The growing demand for wireless data transmission imposes the search for alternatives to the current spectrum exploration schemes. In the long term, dynamic spectrum access seems to be the only viable solution, once the technical details for its implementation are solved. In the near term, the use of currently vacant spectrum allocated to TV broadcast is poised to alleviate the spectrum crunch while opening the path for dynamic spectrum access. For machine to machine applications and the "Internet of Things" paradigm TV White Spaces have significant advantages both for developed and developing economies. Nature of the Workshop The participants in the workshop will be trained on applications of Open Spectrum and TV White Space technologies, in order to foster science and research. With the final goal of connecting Universities and Research Centres to the Internet, the Workshop intends to describe the state of the art in Open Spectrum in informative and hands-on ways, including a mix of theoretical and practical sessions. ISIF Asia in collaboration with ICTP supported the participation of Apinun Tunpan at this event with the funding provided by the Capacity Building Fund for ISIF Asia recipients, where he presented intERlab experience as part of the case studies session. His slides are availbale for download.
  • APRICOT - Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies, February 2014
    APRICOT is a prestigious regional Internet event, which has run annually since 1996. Since then, APRICOT has provided a unique and successful educational forum for Internet builders in the region to learn from their peers and other leaders in the Internet community from around the world. APRICOT has now clearly established itself as the Asia Pacific’s premier regional Internet summit where related organizations come together to meet and host their annual general meetings, including APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Centre), APIA (Asia Pacific Internet Association), APTLD (Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Forum), and APstar. Held annually, the ten-day summit consists of seminars, workshops, tutorials, conference sessions, Birds of a Feather (BOFs), and other forums all with the goal of spreading and sharing the knowledge required to operate the Internet within the Asia Pacific region. ISIF Asia supported the participation of Sheau Shing Chong, Teddy Mantoro, Tariq Zaman and Khairil Yusof with the funding provided by the Capacity Building Fund for ISIF Asia recipients. 
  • ISCWN 2013 - International Summit for Community Wireless Networks. Berlin, October 2013
    The ISCWN is a community of communities. By bringing together leading technology experts, policy analysts, on-the-ground-specialists and university researchers working on state-of-the-art community broadband projects across the globe, the 2013 Summit serves as an opportunity to share ideas and challenges, discuss policy issues, and coordinate research and development efforts. With its strong focus on social justice and human rights, IS4CWN 2013 brought together participants and panelists from around the globe interested in building and expanding community wireless networks in their own countries. The Summit distinguishes itself from other technical and academic conferences through the cross-discipline and global diversity of its participants. IS4CWN is a venue for participants to develop a shared vision and strategic approach to meeting new technology infrastructure needs and formulating policy reforms and intervention strategies in their own countries that support community wireless networks. Participants engage in an ongoing dialogue that encourages a strategic approach to community wireless network development and spectrum policy reform. ISIF Asia supported the participation of Prof. Kanchana Kanchanasut and Apinun Tunpan at this event with the funding provided by the Capacity Building Fund for ISIF Asia recipients. The slides they presented at the event are available for download: 
    From disaster/emergency communication networks to rural community wireless mesh networks for education and disaster preparedness
    DUMBONET deployments for local Wireless Networks and Disaster Communications
  • Computer lab for Chuuk Women's Council. Chuuk, September 2013
    This project, funded in partnership with the Internet Society Community Grants Program, established a computer lab in the Chuuk Women’s Council (CWC) with the aim of empowering and connecting, with ICT, the women of Chuuk State, in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). The Chuuk Women’s Council is an established umbrella organization for the different women’s organizations across Chuuk State, which promotes women’s leadership, education on health and gender issues, environmental conservation, practical skills-building for employment opportunities, and the preservation of traditional and cultural crafts. Given the existing strengths of the center and the breadth of the programs already on offer, we believe that the technology of this computer lab will serve to complement and enable this organization that is already extremely successful in its non-technical endeavors. ISIF Asia supported iSolutions, who received a grant in 2013 for the PISCES project, to cover the travel expenses of Prof. Laura Hosman, to support this work. Information about what the implementation of the project is available on Laura's blog post and video.
  • TEDMED 2013. Washington DC, April 2013
    TEDMED is a multi-disciplinary community of innovators and leaders who share a common determination to create a better future in health and medicine. Today’s challenges in health and medicine are rooted in a complex web of poorly understood interdependencies among social, commercial, economic, regulatory, cultural and medical issues. Progress against our challenges demands our best thinkers and doers from every discipline, whether in health and medicine or not, to figure out how to connect the seemingly unconnected. ISIF Asia supported Shamila Keyani, from UM Health Trust in Pakistan, to attend TEDMED in 2013 as she was awarded a Front Line Scholarship. UM Health Trust is a grant recipient for 2013. You can read about her experience on this blog post.


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