Cybersecurity Grant

The Internet Society Cybersecurity Grant will support projects focusing on practical solutions around resiliency and security, on one or more of the following areas:

  • Naming: innovative approaches to DNSSEC that enhance user confidence in Internet-based services.
  • Routing: support for wider deployment of secure routing technologies (RPKI, BGPSEC) and best practices (MANRS).
  • Measurement: investigate the nature and extent of deployment of security solutions on the Internet.
  • Traffic management: tools to measure Internet traffic congestion and/or traffic management practices OR analysis of traffic management policies and practices.
  • Confidential communications: strategies or solutions to enhance the confidentiality of Internet traffic.
  • Data security and integrity: options for improved data security and/or data breach detection and mitigation.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): security of IoT.
  • Critical Infrastructure: security of computer-controlled systems such as energy grids, transport networks, water supply, sewage, etc.) from cyber attacks.
  • End-user device security: options for improved end-user security.
  • Building security skills in your local community.
Project proposals must include an implementation component, i.e., proposals for conducting studies or research without any specific application will not be accepted.

Organizations and companies working on Internet development from the public and/or private sector are encouraged to apply. The fund is open to all relevant topics of interest around Internet security, specially those that impact the community.

Applicants can apply for up to 56,000 AUD based on a project proposal that includes a realistic timeframe and a detailed budget.

For this particular grant, there is a strong emphasis about documentation of impact and knowledge sharing through papers, videos, and other communication materials. Successful applicants will have to include a clear communication strategy for the dissemination of project outcomes.

Successful applicants will be invited to attend the 2016 Internet Governance Forum to participate in the discussions about the future of the Internet. Travel will only be supported on economy class and daily expenses can be claimed only against presentation of receipts for meals not included in the events attended, under very strict guidelines.

Project outcomes will be shared on the ISIF website for the benefit of the Internet as a whole. Recipients will be encouraged to share “behind the scenes” lessons learned during the project cycle as well as made them selves available for interviews and other promotional activities around the dissemination of project results.

Key dates for 2016

Grants applications open 24 February
Grants applications close 31 May 2016 midnight UTC (other timezones here)
Selection process June-July
Due diligence review and contracts August
Announcement of successful application September

Eligibility criteria

Applications accepted for full review will be scored by all Committee members based on selection criteria. Only proposals accepted by full consensus of the Selection Committee will be granted funding. The proposals will be assessed based on the criteria below:

  • Aligned with Internet Society Cybersecurity Grant's purpose/scope
  • Clear benefit for Internet Security
  • Clear objectives, well structured methodology
  • Demonstrated capacity
  • Potential for growth/further development
  • Engagement within the community relevant to the project proposed
  • Addressing Internet security issues that that have been clearly identified and defined as part of the proposal
  • Relationship with other existing projects at a regional/global level    
  • Realistic timeframe proposed

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