Full List of Grant Recipients & Reports 

The ISIF Asia program conducts an ongoing review of the program's performance and operations. The publications displayed below are an outcome of that process.

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The process for reporting the project’s progress includes technical reports and financial reports. In addition, complementary reports, surveys and/or interviews may be requested. The combination of these mechanisms allows for a better overview of the implementation of the project activities and of the grant administration as a whole.

Project representatives actively participate in program's mailing lists and collaborative spaces available for ISIF Asia recipients. Periodic analysis and evaluation of the information included in the technical reports is conducted by the ISIF Asia secretariat.

The ISIF Asia secretariat may organize visits to the implementing organization’s head office in order to discuss and study critical aspects of its progress.

Final reports must allow us to determine the correct allocation of resources according to the established goals, as well as to verify the validity of the tools that were used. Reports for grant recipients are available under the Grants section of this website organized by year.

On this page, you will find the full list of all the projects supported by ISIF Asia since its beginnings. Their final approved technical reports are available for download under a Creative Commons license. You can also download a brief summary for each project. 

Grant-funded projects in 2016

  1. Research grants: Announcement Pending
  2. Internet Society Cybersecurity Grant: Announcement Pending 
  3. Community Impact Grants: Announcement Pending
  4. Technical Innovation Grants: Announcement Pending

Grant-funded projects in 2015

  1. Department of Biomedical Physics and Technology, University of Dhaka (Bangladesh)
    COMPLETED. Final technical report: Low cost mobile phone telemedicine with interfaced diagnostic equipment for essential healthcare. Video
  2. E-Networking Research and Development - NepalWireless (Nepal)
    IN PROGRESS | Final technical report: Himalayas TV White Space and Wi-Fi Spectrum Community Wireless Network

  3. TELCO2 & Network Startup Resource Center (Pacific Islands)
    IN PROGRESS | Final technical report: A Peering Strategy for the Pacific Islands

Grant-funded projects in 2014

  1. Pacific Islands Chapter of the Internet Society - PICISOC in collaboration with University of Auckland (Pacific Islands)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Improving Internet Connectivity in Pacific Island countries with network coded TCP.

  2. Punjabi University, Patiala (India)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Enhancing Communication and Co-operation across South Asia: An ICT Solution to Script Barriers

  3. Cook Islands Internet Action Group (Cook Islands)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Cook Islands Maori Database.

  4. CoralWatch, The University of Queensland (Australia/Indonesia)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Using technology to improve citizen science monitoring of coral reefs in Indonesia.

  5. Internet Education and Research Laboratory, Asian Institute of Technology, in collaboration with the Mirror Foundation and the THNIC Foundation (Thailand)
    COMPLETED, reports to be published Jan 2015. Summary | Technical report: Chiang-Rai MeshTV: An Educational Video-on-Demand (E-VoD) System for a Rural Hill-Tribe Village via a Community Wireless Mesh Network (CWMN)

  6. Institute of Social Informatics and Technological Innovations - ISITI-CoERI. (Malaysia)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Digitalising and preserving Oro, a secret signage language of the nomadic Penans in the rainforest

  7. iSolutions (Micronesia)
    IN PROGRESS. Summary | Technical report: Chuuk State Solar Server Education Hub (Report submitted, review and editing process underway)

  8. Nazdeek, in collaboration with PAJHRA and ICAAD (India)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Using Mobile Application and Mapping Platform to Increase Accountability in Delivery of Maternal Health Services for Tea Garden Workers in Assam | EndMMNow.org: No time to loose

  9. eHomemakers in collaboration with Homenet (Malaysia/Indonesia)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Extending ECHO to Indonesia

  10. University of Engineering and Technology in collaboration with Vietnam National University - Hanoi, Vietnam
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Monitoring and early warning of landslides in Vietnam

  11. Operation ASHA (Cambodia)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Link TB with Technology (LTT)

  12. Bidirectional Access Promotion Society (India) 
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Smart Phones for the Deaf Blind

Grant-funded projects in 2013

  1. Binus International University (Indonesia)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Cloud-based application measuring and controlling electricity used for Indonesian houses

  2. iSolutions (Micronesia)
    COMPLETED: Summary | Final technical report: Pacific Islands schools, connectivity, education, and solar (PISCES)

  3. UM Healthcare Trust (Pakistan)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Real-time hepatitis reporting and surveillance system in low-resource settings using ICT and mobile phones

  4. Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Dhaka (Bangladesh)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Driver distraction management using sensor data cloud | Technical manual | User manual

  5. Access Health International (Philippines)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Integrated maternal and child healthcare delivery and training for community health teams

  6. Yagiten Pvt. Ltd. (Nepal)
    COMPLETED: Summary | Final technical report: Developing mobile-based application to support pregnant women

  7. First Myanmar Korea Group Co. Ltd. (Myanmar)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Building low-cost telecommunications infrastructure in Myanmar: Localization and Training of a Practical Guide | Book

  8. Point of View in partnership with Association for Progressive Communications (India)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Internet rights are women’s rights

  9. Foundation for Media Alternatives (Philippines)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Promoting women’s rights and safety online: addressing electronic violence against women (eVAW)

  10. Transparency International Malaysia (Malaysia) 
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Sinar Project

Grant-funded projects in 2010

  1. Bac Ha International University - Vietnam
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Efficient and reliable GPS wireless Ad Hoc sensor networks for marine monitoring, searching, and rescuing applications.

  2. Druknet – Bhutan
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Towards world’s first ready-IPv6 country.

  3. E-Network Research and Development (ENRD) – Nepal
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Empowering mountain communities: Localized support kit and training for community wireless networksSurge reportTraining report.

  4. Garhwal Community Development and Welfare Society (GCDWS) – India
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Interactive, structured, multi-modal clinical guidelines to improve quality of care by Rural Healthcare providers.

  5. National Institute of Fisheries and Nautical Engineering (NIFNE) - Sri Lanka
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Mobile portal for fisheries community services.

  6. Rowetel, Australia/Timor-Leste
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report:Dili Village Telco.

  7. Servelots Infotech Pvt Ltd - India
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Accessibility for the Print-impaired (ALipi).

  8. University of Colombo School of Computing - Sri Lanka
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Virtual IPv6 application test bed | Article

Grant-funded projects in 2009 

  1. The Internet Education and Research Laboratory (intERLab), Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand) 
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Development of emergency networks training and tools kit.

  2. The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the National University of Science and Technology (Pakistan) 
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Capacity Building of Lady Health Workers in Rural Mardan, NWFP through the use of ICT based Tele-healthcare.

  3. The University of Colombo School of Computing (Sri Lanka) 
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: A low-cost digital forensic investigation infrastructure for a third world country.

  4. The Bac Ha International University (Vietnam) 
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Broadband Internet access for rural areas of Vietnam using WiMAX technology via television broadcasting infrastructure.

  5. One Destination Center (Indonesia) 
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: VoIP as a model applicable to developing countries

  6. Punjabi University (India) 
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Web-based transliteration and translation system between Urdu and Hindi languages

  7. Nepal Research and Education Network (Nepal)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: High-speed backbone for Nepal Research and Education Network

  8. SynapseHealth (The Philippines) 
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Health, emergency and disaster information using mobile and virtual earth technology

  9. Horizon Lanka Foundation (Sri Lanka)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Meshing Up Mahavilachchiya

  10. AirJaldi Networks (India)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Bandwidth maximizer – proving concepts, demonstrating potential and viability

  11. The University of Moratuwa (Sri Lanka) 
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: E-mail system for telecentres and schools

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