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Since its inception back in 2008, the ISIF Asia program has continuously received an increasing number of high quality proposals submissions and award nominations. This indicates there is a vibrant community of reliable organizations and qualified IT professionals actively engaged in Internet development at the local and regional level, supporting their communities to enjoy communications services that are reliable and affordable. This, in contrast with the limited number of recipients ISIF Asia has been able to support, puts in evidence the need to boost the research and development investment for Internet development in the Asia Pacific region.

The ISIF Asia partnership and sponsorship strategy offers the possibility for other interest parties to join the program according to their possibilities. ISIF Asia trust that opening so many different ways to help will allow a higher number of initiatives to be supported per funding cycle, as well as continue offering capacity building mechanisms such as mentoring, technical workshops and in-depth publications to the selected recipients.

Why invest in ISIF Asia?

  • To maintain and diversify support for Internet related research & development.
  • To support research that can help Internet growth in our own economy and throughout the region.
  • To facilitate networking and information building throughout the Internet community.
  • To acknowledge the contributions that innovators accross the Asia Pacific have done to the internet as a whole.

Who can support ISIF Asia?

Leading organizations support us in our objective to foster innovation and socio-economic development. Partners and sponsors offer their experience, advice and regional vision so we are constantly aware of innovation initiatives that will benefit from ISIF Asia funding. Organizations and individuals are welcome to support the program through partnership and a variety of sponsorship packages.

What will be your funding use for?

ISIF Asia offers flexibility to allocate contributions, allowing partners and sponsors to define how their contributions will be used, across a wide range of development projects, geographical areas and activities:

  • Grants: to local groups and organizations to design and test technical solutions to local issues.
  • Awards: to acknowledge the contributions to Internet development made by ongoing initiatives.
  • Mentoring: to prospective applicants throughout the entire application process to prepare better submissions.
  • Networking: to enable these fledgling projects to share information and experiences during the funding period and beyond.