Sinar Project

Sinar Project


Provide a clear and concrete project summary, with as much details as relevant for the Selection Committee to fully understand the extent of the benefits that the nominated project has bring to the community it serves.Please note this summary will be publicly available and it will be use to promote your project during the Community Choice Award online voting period.

The Sinar Project is an initiative using open technology and applications to systematically make important information public and more accessible to the Malaysian people. The Project aims to improve governance and encourage greater citizen involvement in the public affairs of the nation by making the Malaysian Government more open, transparent and accountable.

Please provide background information that allows the Selection Committee to understand the context in which your organization operates. What are the main challenges? What is the problem the project was set up to address? Please indicate when the project started.

Government in Malaysia lacks transparency and accountability which curtails a proper working democracy for policy and citizen involvement which requires open and free access to data and information. While Internet usage as percentage of population has rapidly increased [1]
there are very few resources of on-line data and information related to governance such as budget expenditure, assets of those holding political office, crime, environment, local council issues, parliamentary bills etc are available to the public [2]. The information that is available, is not accessible in structured open standard formats usable by citizens and users such as journalists and developers who need to build tools to facilitate interoperable access for the public and other developers.



What are the main reasons why your organization was motivated to initiate the project? Did the project respond to specific needs of a community?

Who was in charge of the project implementation? What other organizations/groups participated? Please provide information about the organizational arrangements that allowed the project to be implemented.

What are the main project objective(s) and what was the strategy used to achieve them?

* Provide Open Data Service and API for governance information
* Build on-line /mobile tools to make crowd sourced information easy to use,
access, and share for both users and developers
* Increase citizen participation in public affairs of nation
* Engage and education government agencies on importance of making data available via open standards API and formats.
* Setup and build capacity for a non-profit with a highly technical team to take advantage of modern Internet technologies.

Please provide more details about the technical aspects of your project implementation. Describe what technologies were used, how they were integrated, what is innovative about it, etc.? Without detailed technical information the nomination will be automatically rejected.

* components
* Semantic Web
* JSON/CSV export via REST of data by all outputs
* Various open source software technologies, languages, frameworks, libraries including but not limited to Python, Ruby, PHP, Apache, Nginx, Pandas, R, R Studio, Plone, Sinatra, PostGIS, PostgreSQL, Zope/Plone and Pyramid
* Use and integration of data with existing collaborative on-line platforms such as CrowdMap, and Google Docs/Fusion

What were the most relevant activities conducted during the course of the project? Indicate if those activities have been completed or are on-going.

- MyMP wiki of CV and background of parliamentary represenatives
- Scraper tools to make available Construction Projects, Consumer Price Index and Parliamentary Bills
- Adapted UK's Fixmystreet for Malaysia including addition of 4 local council boundaries, Google Maps geocoding and integration fixes.
- Multiple talks to increase awareness of need of tech for rights and open government to different audiences (journalists, students, government and civil society)
- From lessons learned from implementing initial ISIF Grant projects, collaborated with MySociety to provide inputs for Poplus open governance software components. Currently in a few Poplus committees as one of the few Asia-Paccific representative.

Provide a list of the most relevant outcomes achieved as part of the project activities.

- MyMP database of represenatives
- API of People/Organizations with Popit instance (Poplus Component) and inputs for issues with this component + Popolo standard
- Cleaned up database in CSV format as well as example data analysis for Construction Projects from government webiste
- (My Complaint) FixMyStreet localized implementation for Malaysia, with 4 local councils and 2 additional ones being added.
- BillWatcher parliamentary bills
- Accountable corruption tracking site, from which successor Track-It is being proposed as component.

Describe what dissemination efforts were completed during the last year to promote your project. Include lists of publications, marketing materials, etc.

- Social Media
Google Plus:
- Public Kanban Board
- UndiMsia Youth Meetups
- Talks at Data Journalism events
- Barcamp

Please let us know if your organization or your project team has received any awards or distinctions, specially those related to the nominated project


✕  The nominated project has been operational for at least one year. The community has already received the benefits of the activities.

Website from your organization

Explain why this project deserves the prize

Through our work, we are recognized as one of the leaders in South East Asia for open governance and tech for rights. Our initial parliamentary representative information project was used as a key public resource for the last and lessons learned from that are now being fed back into international development collaboration effort of Poplus. Our anti-corruption work is also feeding into Poplus and initial efforts have been cited in multiple local anti-corruption forums. In addition we have used the additional human resources and infrastructure capacity made available via ISIF grants to assist in tech for rights efforts where needed beyond our scope of work such as civil society online tech training and investigating Internet censorship issues in Malaysia. Our Internet censorship investigations have led us to be even featured on BBC News.

Facebook profile or Facebook page from the organization or project leader

Twitter profile from the organization or project leader

Google+ profile from the organization or project leader

Provide at least one link to other websites, newspapers, blogs, etc. providing evidence about the work conducted by your self, your project and/or your organization.

Provide at least one file with supporting documentation about your organization’s capacity to manage grants, references to support the need for such solution to be developed, reference letters from partners, etc.


Project Representative

Mohd Khairil bin Mohd Yusof

Project Representative on Linkedin :

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