Sheau Ching Chong, Teddy Mantoro and Mashiur Rahman where selected as ISIF Asia Ambassadors to attend to historic ICANN 49 meeting held in Singapore in March 2014. The Ambassadors were sponsored by the ICANN Asia Hub (Singapore). The Ambassadors were introduced to ICANN attendees in a video during the Welcome Ceremony and President's Openning on 24 March 24. The session is available in Video | Audio | PDF Transcript.

Sheau Ching Chong, Teddy Mantoro and Mashiur Rahman at ICANN 49

Sheau Ching Chong is the founder of the teleworking movement in Malaysia. She has two Bachelors’ degrees from Canada, and a Master’s in International Administration from the US, majoring in Training of Trainers and Development Administration. Her fourteen years’ experience with international organizations in policy planning, program­ming, management and training has given her extensive knowledge on grassroot empowerment and innovative solutions.  She was a gender/poverty alleviation consultant for some UN country programs in the Asia Pacific. As a speaker, former columnist (for Malaysia’s most read English paper, Star) for 13 years, author and trainer, she has actively advocated for poverty alleviation through community empowerment especially for disadvantaged women. She is the founder and Executive Director of the 16-year old social enterprise, eHomemakers (an e-community of women and men who work from home, near the home or participate in innovate flexi-work). She has received several awards and recognitions for her work, including the ISIF Asia award in 2012 for the ECHO project. The ECHO project has received a scale-up grant from ISIF Asia to expand the project from Malaysia to Indonesia in 2014. Here is her presentation of the ECHO platform.

Teddy Mantoro has a Master and a PhD in Computer Science from the Australian National University and a diploma on e-Business. He is currenty the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology from the Universitas Siswa Bangsa International in Jakarta, Indonesia. He has almost 30 years of experience, linked to the academia as a researcher and developer in the areas of from ubiquitous computing, and smart environments to mobile computing and wireless sensors. He has published extensively in engineering publications and has several patents for innovative solutions. He leaded the development of the Hajjlocator, which was awarded by ISIF Asia in 2012 for the Community Choice Award, for the Project with the most votes from the Internet community. Here is his presentation about the Hajjlocator application. 

Mashiur Rahman works as instrumentation engineer at the National University of Singapore. He has a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering degree from Toyohashi University of Technology (Japan), and a PhD in physics from the Graduate University of Advanced Studies (Japan). He runs a science education platform in Bengali language, He is involved in e-learning, e-healthcare and e-governance solutions for last 10 years extensively using the mobile and web platforms to distribute the content for the local people to make the changes, and to illuminate the digital divider. He is part of the team leaded by Ragib Hassam which won ISIF Asia Award in 2013 for the Shikkhok platform. Here is his presentation about the Shikkhok platform.

An additional opportunity for ICANN attendees to get to know the ISIF Asia Ambassadors was available on 25 March, where they had the opportunity to share about their contributions on both technical and social development, the challenges they face. The session, facilitated by Tony Smith (APNIC Communications Director) offered a great opportunity to discuss about the advance and development of the Internet in the Asia Pacific region.

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