Project factsheet information

Project Title Community LTE in Papua
Full name and acronym Yayasan Noken Baliem Mandiri – yanobama

Jl Patimura, Potikelek, Wamena, Jayawijaya, Papua, Indonesia 99511

Phone +6282111909524
Fax N/A
Dates covered by this report: 10-10-2018 – 11-02-2019 –
Report submission date 11-02-2019
Country where project was implemented Indonesia
Project leader name David Haag
Project Team Ravita Devi [email protected]
Partner organization University of Washington
Total budget approved 23,000 USD
Project summary

Community LTE in Papua, a solution for LTE based community networks. Community LTE (CoLTE) is a lightweight, Internet only LTE core network (EPC) designed to facilitate the deployment and operation of small-scale, community owned and operated LTE networks, with a particular eye towards expanding Internet access into rural areas with limited and unreliable backhaul. CoLTE comes paired with a basic, IP based network manager as well as basic web services. The key differentiator of CoLTE, when compared to existing LTE solutions, is that in CoLTE the EPC is designed to be located in the field and deployed alongside a small number of cellular radios (eNodeBs), as opposed to the centralized model seen in large-scale telecom networks. We also provide performance results and lessons learned from a real world CoLTE network deployed in rural Indonesia. This network has been sustainably operating for over six months, currently serves over 40 active users, and provides measured backhaul reductions of up to 45% when compared to cloud core solutions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License