Can we submit an application in collaboration with another organization(s)?

Yes. Applicants are encouraged to collaborate with like-minded organizations. When preparing the application, please include information about the partnership, such as the list of the organizations or groups involved in the partnership, and a detailed description on how the partnership is going to work, how the roles and responsibilities for the project implementation will be distributed, how the decisions will be taken, and which organization will be the leading the partnership. It is important to clarify that:

  1. The leading organization must be based in the Asia Pacific region;
  2. The due diligence review might be required to be completed by all the organizations listed in the partnership;
  3. Only the leading organization will sign the grant agreement with the APNIC Foundation and be entitled to receive and administer the allocated funds.

Any conflicts or disputes between project partners should be manage by the leading organization and changes in the status of the partnerships must be communicated to the APNIC Foundation.