What kind of reporting is expected from grant recipients?

Grant recipients are required to provide two technical and two financial reports using our portal. The APNIC Foundation will provide assistance about how to use the portal. Additional reports might be requested by the APNIC Foundation at any time during the project cycle.

The technical reports must be descriptive and detailed, providing information that can be used for promotion and follow-up.

Reports must document the activities conducted and include documentation efforts conducted as part of the project.

It is advisable to inform APNIC Foundation about any pictures, diagrams, audio and/or video that document project activities. These additional materials will be used to development ISIF Asia promotional materials, and as such ISIF Asia reserves the right to reuse them either totally or partially. Therefore, to credit the authors full details must be provided. Funding recipients will be showcased on our website and online platforms.

Final technical reports are published under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, including basic information about team members according to the APNIC Foundation privacy policy.

The first set of reports (technical and financial) must be submitted halfway through the project cycle and the final reports must be submitted no longer than 30 days after the project activities have finished.

Reports are subject to approval by the APNIC Foundation.

Approval might take two to four weeks and therefore it is recommended that project activities are budgeted accordingly so there are no delays in implementation.