Every year, ISIF Asia launches calls for award nominations. It is extremely important that applicants review the information about the award categories for that year to make sure they are applying for the funding opportunity that better fit their needs and capacity.

Innovation and Internet development must be an integral part of all award nominations submitted to ISIF Asia.

Awards will be provided to projects that are on the last stages of implementation or that have finalized activities already that are aligned with the funding categories and eligibility criteria.

Awards nominations will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Award nominations submitted by individuals on behalf of public or private sector organizations, university, or research and development institutions, non-government organizations and social enterprises will be considered. Individuals are not eligible for awards.
  • ISIF Asia will ONLY support initiatives managed by organizations based in the Asia Pacific region, as described in the list of economies served by APNIC. The awarded funds will have to be invested within the Asia Pacific region.
  • Award nominations must provide evidence of a demonstrated impact in their community.
  • Award nominations must provide clear and concrete information about your organization, the team involved and their capabilities.
  • Award nominations must be aligned to the funding categories within ISIF Asia scope. Clearly state the objectives of the project you are nominating, and how they are in concordance with the ISIF Asia objectives.

In addition to selecting a winner per category, a Community Choice Award will be granted to the project with the highest number of votes from the community.

After the deadline to submit nominations, all received nominations are subject to a process of comprehensive analysis, considering technical contributions, impact in the community and innovative use of Internet technologies. This process includes the analysis of the quality, background and originality of the nominee among others. Incomplete or inconsistent nominations will not be considered in the formal evaluation and selection process. During the selection process, the ISIF Asia secretariat will give consideration to regional diversity and balance.

All award nominations received are reviewed by the ISIF Asia secretariat and then evaluated by the according to a detailed and exhaustive evaluation process, based on their compliance with all ISIF Asia objectives and specific eligibility criteria.

All required information must be provided through the relevant online award nomination form. Be as clear and concrete as possible when filling in the application form. Include images and/or diagrams to facilitate the evaluation process.

Award nominations received by email will not be processed. No additional information can be filed after the closing date.

Once an award nomination has been submitted, the nominated email contacts will receive an automatic confirmation message. If you do not receive a confirmation message please review your spam filters, and contact the ISIF Asia secretariat before attempting to submit your nomination again. If you have problems accessing the online award nomination form please contact the secretariat.

The ISIF Asia secretariat can request applicants to provide more details or modify any part of the award nomination (including the requested budget) at any time during the selection process.

A letter issued by the by the ISIF Asia secretariat will be sent to the selected candidates. The letter will specify all terms and conditions to receive the award, including: 1) detailed information about travel arrangements for participation at global or regional events sponsored by ISIF Asia; 2) and a plan describing how the awarded funds will be used.

Once the selected organization has accepted the terms and conditions, they will have to provide bank details and confirm contact details through a template provided by the secretariat.

The bank information form has to be signed by the legal representative and the financial officer from the selected organization. A scanned copy of the signed document must be emailed to ISIF Secretariat.

When preparing a nomination, take into account the following guidelines:

  • The nomination must clearly define the problem that originated the project, its relevance for the community involved and how the project implementation addressed the problematic.
  • Include relevant background information relating to the activities conducted.
  • Describe the innovative character and the impact experienced as a consequence of the execution of the project activities, in relation to the community, the region, and the organizations presenting the nomination.
  • Clearly define the general and specific objective of the project and how they relates to the problematic described.
  • Describe the groups that were the direct and indirect beneficiaries of the outcomes achieved by the project.
  • Describe the actions carried out as well as the methodologies chosen.
  • Describe the concrete outcomes generated during the complete project cycle.
  • Provide at least one verifiable indicator for each expected outcome achieved.
  • Provide all the information requested about the organization responsible for the project implementation, which will be legally responsible for the acceptance of the award terms and conditions.
  • The names, academic background and relevant experience of the persons having relevant participation in the execution of the project must be stated. Particularly of the person who will be technically and administratively in charge of executing the project. Please do not submit complete curriculum vitae/résumé, unless the ISIF Asia secretariat requires it.

When submitting a nomination, the applicants acknowledge that any funding and, indeed, the application and evaluation process, is entirely at the discretion of the funding partners and they may choose to determine the process at any time up to the time of actual payment.

When submitting a nomination, the applicants are granting permission to the ISIF Asia Secretariat and funding partners to use materials, submitted or developed during the application process, in publications or materials to promote ISIF Asia. These materials can be project descriptions, photographs taken during the application process or at funded events, etc.