The 2018 Internet for Development Grants for Community Networks were allocated to projects/organizations working to achieve affordable, locally owned and managed communication infrastructure, deploying creative low-cost solutions that use wireless technologies, GSM and/or fibre connections. USD 53,000 was available, as follows:

  • USD 30,000 scale-up grants for one existing project looking to expand,
  • USD 23,000 small grant for one new project.

The terms for the call for applications were as follows:

Innovation and a development focus must be an integral part of the project proposal. Proposals must also include an implementation component, a realistic timeframe and a detailed budget breakdown.

Proposals must be focused on one or more of the following areas:

  • Technical innovation around devices and network management;
  • Creative organizational/partnership arrangement(s) and incentives for established ISPs and mobile operators to support local access networks and expand connectivity to underserved areas;
  • Innovative business models that support social and economic development, inclusion and diversity;
  • Enabling regulatory frameworks that support access provision under a locally owned and managed infrastructure.