The Internet for Development (I4D) Grants for 2019 will focus on Powering Internet Infrastructure. The two Grants were allocated to projects that support research and development of software and/or hardware solutions that can improve the stability and reliability of how Internet infrastructure is powered. This includes but is not limited to solar, wind, and hydraulic solutions used to provide Internet access in remote areas, during disasters, or to power other infrastructure such as IXPs, root servers, datacentres, etc. The monitoring of batteries and their consumption, energy efficiency tools, the management and administration of micro-grids will be considered for this call. 

Innovation and a development focus must be an integral part of the project proposal. Proposals must also include an implementation component, a realistic time-frame and a detailed budget breakdown. 

Two small grants of USD 20,000 will be allocated, for a total of USD 40,000 in funding. 

Proposals must be focused on one or more of the following areas:  

  • Technical innovation in provision of efficient, reliable power for Internet infrastructures, particularly in challenging situations such as off-grid, intermittently supplied, or disaster afflicted environments; 
  • Creative organizational/partnership arrangement(s) and incentives for development of alternative and renewable energy sources for use in powering Internet infrastructure; 
  • Creative technical and business solutions involving provision of power in tandem with Internet access, to expand connectivity to underserved areas; 
  • Enabling regulatory frameworks that support innovative technical and business models for power access provision. 

Key dates for 2019 

Applications open  1 April 
Applications close  21 June at 11.59 PM UTC 
Selection process  July
Due diligence review and contracts  August
Announcement of successful application/s  August 

Before submitting your nomination, please review the Selection Criteria.