Empowering communities to research, design and implement Internet-based solutions to development needs in the Asia Pacific to achieve positive social and economic development.

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The Information Society Innovation Fund (ISIF Asia) is a grants program empowering communities in the Asia pacific region to research, design and implement Internet-based solutions for their own needs, placing particular emphasis on the positive role the Internet has in social and economic development in the region. ISIF Asia offers support through competitive process including capacity building opportunities for selected recipients. Since 2008, ISIF Asia has supported 75 grants and 28 awards allocating USD3.52 million to 103 innovative initiatives across 24 economies tn the Asia Pacific across a variety of topics such as Internet access solutions, connectivity, education, health, localization, language preservation, freedom of expression, open data, disabilities, and more.


The ISIF Asia Grants provide funding to support research and deployment of projects that contribute to Internet development in the Asia Pacific region. Read More…

Awards 2011-2018

The ISIF Asia Awards acknowledged the important contributions innovators have made with creative Internet-based solutions to the social and economic development of the Asia Pacific region. The were allocated from 2011 until 2018. Read More…

Capacity Building

ISIF Asia has offered support to former and current funding recipients to identify capacity building opportunities such as training/mentoring programs to help them grow.
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