The ISIF Asia Awards were first introduced in 2011 to celebrate the outstanding organizations and individuals supporting community needs through innovative uses of Internet technologies. Awardees received USD 5,000 and support to attend the APNIC54 conference in Singapore. 

The awards trophies

The 2022 awards recognized two exceptional contributions to Internet development - a research project to improve connectivity on Pacific Islands, and another focused on cybersecurity. You can see more photos from the event here.

Foundation CEO Duncan Macintosh (center) with Dr Ulrich Speidel (left) representing the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and Dr Charles Lim (right) representing Swiss German University, Indonesia.


The 2022 Award winning projects are:

The Network coded tunnels for satellite links project, led by the University of Auckland (New Zealand) lets remote island communities in the Pacific make more efficient use of the satellite Internet connections they rely on. Project leader Dr. Ulrich Speidel accepted the award.

The Honeynet Threat Sharing Platform, designed by Swiss German University (Indonesia), collects, categorizes, and distributes cybersecurity threat information from malicious traffic discovered in partner “honeypots” around the world. Project leader Dr. Charles Lim accepted the award.