ISIF Asia has offered support to former and current funding recipients to identify capacity building opportunities such as attending specific events, receive online training, apply for an internship, or receive support for a consultant, to develop new skills, improve their technical solutions, or to get their business strategies on the right track.

Support is allocated through a separate request process, or by invitation from the ISIF Asia secretariat, once the needs have been identified. This support is only available for current and former recipients.

Since 2018, the capacity building support has been integrated to the grants, so is reported as part of their grant activities and not included in the list below.

Some examples of the earlier support provided are listed below:

  • AVPN 2017 Bangkok June 2017
    Representatives from 2 organizations supported by ISIF Asia (intERlab and The Asia Foundation - both from Thailand) received support to attend the conference and were invited to participate in the Investment Showcase.  
  • AVPN 2016 Hong Kong May 2016
    Representatives from 2 organizations supported by ISIF Asia (UM Health Trust and DoctHers - both from Pakistan) received support to attend the conference and were invited to participate in the Investment Showcase.
  • APNIC 41 Auckland February 2016
    Ulrich Speidel from University of Auckland received support to attend the conference as a speaker, to share updates about the project funded by ISIF Asia on TCP/IP tunelling to improve connectivity for the Pacific Islands.
  • APNIC 40 Jakarta September 2015
    Five project representatives participated at the APNIC meeting in Jakarta. At these events, hold twice every year, the technical community has the chance to come together for policy development, decision-making, education, information sharing, and networking – both professional and social.
  • COHRED Forum 2015 Philippines August 2015
    Two project representatives received support to attend this health conference and exhibition.
  • JFDI.Asia online courses August 2014 to March 2016
    60 project teams were invited to take the JFDI Discover pre-accelerator program online.
  • WiSATS 2015. United Kingdom. July 2015
    One project representative attended this event that covered fields such as satellite technology, satellite systems, wireless, satellite communication and wireless communication.
  • APrIGF 2015 Macau, June 2015
    3 project representatives attended the APrIGF.
  • RightsCon Philippines May 2015
    Representatives from 7 organizations supported by ISIF Asia received support to attend the first edition of the RightsCon event in the Asia Pacific region. Besides the event, they had a breakfast meeting with IDRC officials organized by the ISIF Asia secretariat.
  • ICTD 2015 Singapore, May 2015
    Representatives from 6 organizations supported by ISIF Asia received fellowships to attend the ICTD 2015 conference, They also participated in a workshop ISIF secretariat organized focusing on fundraising and a visit to JFDI.Asia to pitch their projects.
  • AVPN 2015 Singapore, April 2015
    Representatives from 2 organzations supported by ISIF Asia (Michael Ginguld from Airjaldi in India and Rajendra Poudel from Amakomaya in Nepal) received support to attend the conference and were invited to participate in the Investment Showcase.
  • APNIC 38 Australia, September 2014 and UFE+ResCom Mentoring sessions
    Representatives from 3 organizations supported by ISIF Asia (Francesca Feruglio and Barnabas Kindo from in India, Jacqueline Chan from Operation ASHA in Cambodia and Ano Tsonga from the Maori Database in Cook Islands) received fellowship support to attend APNIC38 conference. They also received mentoring on evaluation (UFE) and communication (ResCom).
  • APrIGF 2014 India, July 2014
    Nica Dumlao from Foundation for Media Alternative (Philippines) received support to participate at the meeting as a speaker and workshop organizer.
  • ICANN 49 Singapore, March 2014
    Sheau Ching Chong, Teddy Mantoro and Mashiur Rahman where selected as ISIF Asia Ambassadors to attend ICANN 49 meeting held in Singapore in March 2014. The Ambassadors were sponsored by the ICANN Asia Hub (Singapore). More details about the ISIF Ambassadors and their experience at the ICANN meeting here.
  • School on Applications of Open Spectrum and White Spaces Technologies, Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), March 2014
    ISIF Asia in collaboration with ICTP supported the participation of Apinun Tunpan (intERlab) at this event, where he presented intERlab experience as part of the case studies session and received training.
  • APRICOT - Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies, February 2014
    ISIF Asia supported the participation of Sheau Shing Chong, Teddy Mantoro, Tariq Zaman and Khairil Yusof.
  • ISCWN 2013 - International Summit for Community Wireless Networks. Berlin, October 2013
    ISIF Asia supported the participation of Prof. Kanchana Kanchanasut and Apinun Tunpan (intERlab) at this event to present their work on disaster/emergency communication networks to rural community wireless mesh networks for education and disaster preparedness and DUMBONET deployments for local Wireless Networks and Disaster Communications.
  • Computer lab for Chuuk Women's Council. Chuuk, September 2013
    ISIF Asia supported iSolutions to cover the travel expenses of Prof. Laura Hosman, to support the set up of the computer lab and a capacity building workshop with the women in Chuuk for its use.
  • TEDMED 2013. Washington DC, April 2013
    ISIF Asia supported Shamila Keyani (UM Health Trust, Pakistan) to attend TEDMED in 2013 as she was awarded a Front Line Scholarship. UM Health Trust is a grant recipient for 2013.