On this page, you will find the full list of all the projects supported by ISIF Asia since its beginnings. Their final approved technical reports are available for download under a Creative Commons license.

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Final Technical Reports will be available as projects are completed.

  1. Bluewave Wireless Company Ltd (Samoa)
    IN PROGRESS: Samoa District Connectivity Project
  2. University of Waikato (New Zealand)
    IN PROGRESS: OpenLI for the Pacific Islands
  3. National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (Thailand)
    IN PROGRESS: Open-source SOC-as-a-service for small and medium manufacturers
  4. Boom! Inc. (Federated States of Micronesia)
    IN PROGRESS: Deploying IPv6 in Yap FSM
  5. Tonga Communication Corporation (Tonga)
    IN PROGRESS: Ucall in an IPv6 World
  6. National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal (India)
    IN PROGRESS: Migrating NITK Surathkal Campus Network to IPv6
  7. Yayasan Badan Wakaf Universitas Islam Indonesia (Indonesia)
    IN PROGRESS: IPv6 anywhere, accelerating IPv6 adoption with multiple models of IPv6 deployments
  8. Digital Education Limited (Samoa)
    IN PROGRESS: Indigitech Pacificode
  9. PT Suara Inklusi Semesta (Indonesia)
    IN PROGRESS: Be the A11y
  10. University Kebangsaan Malaysia (Malaysia)
    IN PROGRESS: Combating cyberbullying for better Internet inclusivity: An optimized deep learning approach
    IN PROGRESS: Empowering women, youth and special needs people in the tech sector.
  12. Janata Wifi Ltd (Bangladesh)
    IN PROGRESS: Affordable Internet for the community, by the community.
  13. Sejong University (Republic of Korea)
    IN PROGRESS: Assisting natural beekeeping in rural and remote areas using LoRa-based IOT and drones
  14. Institute for Social Entrepreneurship in Asia, Inc (ISEA) (Philippines)
    IN PROGRESS: Building a model for community networks linked to social enterprise and sustainable local economic development
  15. SCoRe Lab (Sri Lanka)
    IN PROGRESS: Government bug bounty program
  16. Griffith University (Australia)
    IN PROGRESS: Adversarial machine learning attacks in wireless networks
  17. Universitas Prasetiya Mulya (Indonesia)
    IN PROGRESS: PumonAI: Multi-institutional collaboration for pneumonia screening
  18. CVISNET Foundation, Inc. (Philippines)
  19. Lahore University of Management Sciences (Pakistan)
    IN PROGRESS: Early warning and communication system for flood risk reduction in Gilgit-Baltistan
  20. Similie Timor Lda (Timor Leste)
    IN PROGRESS: IoT data-driven water management for climate-resilient communities
  21. DotAsia Foundation Ltd (Hong Kong)
    IN PROGRESS: EcoInternet Index
  22. Faculty of Social and Political Science through the center for Digital Society (Indonesia)
    IN PROGRESS: Tackling climate change Misinformation


Final Technical Reports will be available as projects are completed.

  1. Distant Curve Remote Area Telecommunications (Australia)
    IN PROGRESS: Expand the Central Australian Desert Project to serve the Nitjpurru indigenous community in Pigeon Hole
  2. Papua New Guinea University of Technology (Papua New Guinea)
    IN PROGRESS: Sustainable smart villages in rural Papua New Guinea
  3. The University of Auckland (New Zealand)
    IN PROGRESS: Field-ready network-coded tunnels for satellite links 
  4. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (Malaysia)
    IN PROGRESS: Hybrid LoRa Network for underserved community Internet
  5. The University of Newcastle (Australia)
    IN PROGRESS: Securing Software Defined Network architectures
  6. Rural Broadband — AirJaldi (India)
    IN PROGRESS: Connectivity Bridges: Reaching remote locations with high-speed Internet services
  7. Common Room (Indonesia)
    IN PROGRESS: Local community-based Internet infrastructure development and Internet utilization in rural Indonesia
  8. Myanmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation (Myanmar)
    IN PROGRESS: Equal access to information society in Myanmar
  9. Boom! Inc (Federated States of Micronesia)
    IN PROGRESS: Broadband for all in Yap
  10. National Institute of Technology Silchar (India)
    IN PROGRESS: Bamboo towers for low-cost and sustainable rural Internet connectivity
  11. SATSOL (Solomon Islands)
    IN PROGRESS: OASIS data garden project
  12. Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) (The Philippines)
    IN PROGRESS: Internet connection to four villages in San Isidro
  13. Humanity & Inclusion (Bangladesh)
    IN PROGRESS: Inclusive and efficient access to Internet services and information for persons with disabilities in Bangladesh
  14. Makerbox Lao (Lao PDR)
    IN PROGRESS: Empowering remote agricultural communities in Lao PDR through long-range wide area networks
  15. Swiss German University (Indonesia)
    IN PROGRESS: Intelligent honeynet threat sharing platform
  16. Tsinghua University (China)
    IN PROGRESS: Developing a collaborative BGP routing, analyzing and diagnosing platform
  17. SCoRe Lab (Sri Lanka)
    IN PROGRESS: Bug Zero
  18. TeleMARS (Australia)
    IN PROGRESS: Training and knowledge sharing: Network analysis for AI transformation
  19. India Internet Engineering Society (IIESoc) (India)
    IN PROGRESS: Webinar series to support IPv6 knowledge transfer
  20. Servelots Infotech (India)
    IN PROGRESS: DIY COW — An inclusive community operated wireless kit for enabling local communications at remote locations
  21. Passerelles Numeriques Cambodia (Cambodia)
    IN PROGRESS: Cybersecurity education
  22. University of Malaya (Malaysia)
    IN PROGRESS: Design, development and operation of an SDN-based Internet eXchange playground for networkers.


Final Technical Reports will be available in late 2021.

  1. University of Waikato (New Zealand)
    COMPLETED: Open Lawful Intercept for Asia Pacific
  2. IIESoc (India)
    COMPLETED: IPv6 Deployment at Enterprises
  3. Swiss German University - SGU, Badan Siber & Sandi Negara - BSSN and Indonesia Honeynet Project - IHP (Indonesia)
    COMPLETED: Collaborative Honeynet Threat Sharing Platform
  4. TeleMARS Pty Ltd (Australia)
    COMPLETED: Experiment and improve reinforcement learning algorithms to enhance anomalous network behaviour detection


Final Technical Reports will be available in mid 2021. Projects received extensions due to the challenges COVID19 imposed in the organizations supported and their staff.

  1. Curtin University (Australia)
    COMPLETED: Modelling and identifying IP address space fragmentation pressure points
  2. Swiss German University - SGU, Badan Siber & Sandi Negara - BSSN and Indonesia Honeynet Project - IHP. (Indonesia)
    COMPLETED: Honeynet Threat Sharing Platform
  3. University of Malaya (Malaysia)
    COMPLETED: Implementation and Utilites of RDAP for wider usability among Internet Stakeholders
  4. University of Auckland (New Zealand)
    COMPLETED: Network coding over satellite links: scheduling redundancy for better goodput
  5. Rural Broadband - AirJaldi (India)
    COMPLETED: Telemetering the telltale signs of power issues of wireless internet relays
  6. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology - RMIT University (Australia)
    COMPLETED: Network Remote Powering through Quasi-Passive Optical Nodes


Final Technical Reports will be available in late 2019.

  1. Sinar Project (Malaysia)
    COMPLETED: Measuring and Detecting Network Interference in Southeast Asia.
  2. Lahore University of Management Sciences – LUMS (Pakistan)
    COMPLETED: Establishment of a Carrier Neutral Software-Defined Internet Exchange (IXP) Point and Training Programs for Capacity Building in Managing IXPs
  3. Yayasan Noken Baliem Mandiri (Indonesia)
    COMPLETED: Community LTE in Papua
  4. NANO (Bhutan)
    COMPLETED: Connecting the Unserved – Bhutan’s First Trial with TV White Space Technology.
  5. ZDNS Labs (China)
    COMPLETED: RPKI Monitor and Visualizer for Detecting and Alerting for RPKI Errors
  6. Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka - UTeM (Malaysia)
    COMPLETED: A novel graph analytics theory model to mitigate IoT botnets attacks for big data
  7. Shilpa Sayura Foundation (Sri Lanka)
    COMPLETED: NextGen Girls – Internet Security Ambassadors Project
  8. Child Helpline Cambodia (Cambodia)
    COMPLETED: Increasing the Safe Use of Internet by Women and Girls


  1. The University of Auckland (New Zealand)
    COMPLETED - Final Technical report: Realistic simulation of uncoded, coded and proxied Internet satellite links with a flexible hardware-based simulator
  2. Centre for Advanced Internet Architectures - CAIA. Swinburne University of Technology (Australia)
    COMPLETED - Rapid detection of BGP anomalies
  3. Telco2 Limited (New Zealand)
    COMPLETED - A Peering Strategy for the Pacific Islands
  4. Department of Information & ICT under the Ministry of Meteorology, Energy, Environment, Climate Change, Information, Communication, Disaster Management -- MEIDECC (Tonga)
    COMPLETED - Developing Tonga National CERT
  5. Myanmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation (Myanmar)
    COMPLETED - Equal Access to the Information Society in Myanmar
  6. Khushi Baby, India.
    COMPLETED - Final technical Report: Khushi Baby
  7. The Asia Foundation (Thailand)
    COMPLETED - Final technical Report: My Community Reader: a Mobile-First Distributed Translation Tool and Reader for Ethnic Minority Languages
  8. Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines
    COMPLETED - UAV-Aided Resilient Communications for Post Disaster Applications: Demonstrations and Proofs of Concept
  9. Legalese Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
    COMPLETED - Legalese
  10. Institute of Systems Engineering, Riphah International University (Pakistan)
    COMPLETED - Deployment of Collaborative Modern HoneyNet to improve Regional Cybersecurity Landscape (CMoHN)


  1. Murdoch University (Australia)
    COMPLETED - Final Technical Report:  Surveying the state of IPv6 deployment in Australia and China
  2. Department of Biomedical Physics and Technology, University of Dhaka (Bangladesh)
    COMPLETED. Final technical report: Low cost mobile phone telemedicine with interfaced diagnostic equipment for essential healthcare. Video.
  3. E-Networking Research and Development - NepalWireless (Nepal)
    COMPLETED | Final technical report: Himalayas TV White Space and Wi-Fi Spectrum Community Wireless Network
  4. TELCO2 & Network Startup Resource Center (Pacific Islands)
    COMPLETED | Final technical report: A Peering Strategy for the Pacific Islands


  1. Pacific Islands Chapter of the Internet Society - PICISOC in collaboration with University of Auckland (Pacific Islands)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Improving Internet Connectivity in Pacific Island countries with network coded TCP.
  2. Punjabi University, Patiala (India)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Enhancing Communication and Co-operation across South Asia: An ICT Solution to Script Barriers
  3. Cook Islands Internet Action Group (Cook Islands)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Cook Islands Maori Database.
  4. CoralWatch, The University of Queensland (Australia/Indonesia)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Using technology to improve citizen science monitoring of coral reefs in Indonesia.
  5. Internet Education and Research Laboratory, Asian Institute of Technology, in collaboration with the Mirror Foundation and the THNIC Foundation (Thailand)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Chiang-Rai MeshTV: An Educational Video-on-Demand (E-VoD) System for a Rural Hill-Tribe Village via a Community Wireless Mesh Network (CWMN)
  6. Institute of Social Informatics and Technological Innovations - ISITI-CoERI. (Malaysia)
    COMPLETED. Summary |Final technical report: Digitalising and preserving Oro, a secret signage language of the nomadic Penans in the rainforest
  7. iSolutions (Micronesia)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Chuuk State Solar Server Education Hub
  8. Nazdeek, in collaboration with PAJHRA and ICAAD (India)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Using Mobile Application and Mapping Platform to Increase Accountability in Delivery of Maternal Health Services for Tea Garden Workers in Assam | EndMMNow.org: No time to loose
  9. eHomemakers in collaboration with Homenet (Malaysia/Indonesia)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Extending ECHO to Indonesia
  10. University of Engineering and Technology in collaboration with Vietnam National University - Hanoi, Vietnam
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Monitoring and early warning of landslides in Vietnam
  11. Operation ASHA (Cambodia)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Link TB with Technology (LTT)
  12. Bidirectional Access Promotion Society (India) 
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Smart Phones for the Deaf Blind


  1. Binus International University (Indonesia)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Cloud-based application measuring and controlling electricity used for Indonesian houses
  2. iSolutions (Micronesia)
    COMPLETED: Summary | Final technical report: Pacific Islands schools, connectivity, education, and solar (PISCES)
  3. UM Healthcare Trust (Pakistan)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Real-time hepatitis reporting and surveillance system in low-resource settings using ICT and mobile phones
  4. Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Dhaka (Bangladesh)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Driver distraction management using sensor data cloud | Technical manual | User manual
  5. Access Health International (Philippines)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Integrated maternal and child healthcare delivery and training for community health teams
  6. Yagiten Pvt. Ltd. (Nepal)
    COMPLETED: Summary | Final technical report: Developing mobile-based application to support pregnant women
  7. First Myanmar Korea Group Co. Ltd. (Myanmar)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Building low-cost telecommunications infrastructure in Myanmar: Localization and Training of a Practical Guide | Book
  8. Point of View in partnership with Association for Progressive Communications (India)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Internet rights are women’s rights
  9. Foundation for Media Alternatives (Philippines)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Promoting women’s rights and safety online: addressing electronic violence against women (eVAW)
  10. Transparency International Malaysia (Malaysia) 
    COMPLETED. Summary | Final technical report: Sinar Project


  1. Bac Ha International University - Vietnam
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Efficient and reliable GPS wireless Ad Hoc sensor networks for marine monitoring, searching, and rescuing applications.
  2. Druknet – Bhutan
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Towards world’s first ready-IPv6 country.
  3. E-Network Research and Development (ENRD) – Nepal
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Empowering mountain communities: Localized support kit and training for community wireless networksSurge reportTraining report.
  4. Garhwal Community Development and Welfare Society (GCDWS) – India
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Interactive, structured, multi-modal clinical guidelines to improve quality of care by Rural Healthcare providers.
  5. National Institute of Fisheries and Nautical Engineering (NIFNE) - Sri Lanka
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Mobile portal for fisheries community services.
  6. Rowetel, Australia/Timor-Leste
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report:Dili Village Telco.
  7. Servelots Infotech Pvt Ltd - India
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Accessibility for the Print-impaired (ALipi).
  8. University of Colombo School of Computing - Sri Lanka
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Virtual IPv6 application test bed | Article


  1. The Internet Education and Research Laboratory (intERLab), Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand) 
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Development of emergency networks training and tools kit.
  2. The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the National University of Science and Technology (Pakistan) 
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Capacity Building of Lady Health Workers in Rural Mardan, NWFP through the use of ICT based Tele-healthcare.
  3. The University of Colombo School of Computing (Sri Lanka) 
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: A low-cost digital forensic investigation infrastructure for a third world country.
  4. The Bac Ha International University (Vietnam) 
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Broadband Internet access for rural areas of Vietnam using WiMAX technology via television broadcasting infrastructure.
  5. One Destination Center (Indonesia) 
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: VoIP as a model applicable to developing countries
  6. Punjabi University (India) 
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Web-based transliteration and translation system between Urdu and Hindi languages
  7. Nepal Research and Education Network (Nepal)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: High-speed backbone for Nepal Research and Education Network
  8. SynapseHealth (The Philippines) 
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Health, emergency and disaster information using mobile and virtual earth technology
  9. Horizon Lanka Foundation (Sri Lanka)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Meshing Up Mahavilachchiya
  10. AirJaldi Networks (India)
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report:
    Bandwidth maximizer – proving concepts, demonstrating potential and viability
  11. The University of Moratuwa (Sri Lanka) 
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report:
    E-mail system for telecentres and schools