Ian Peter was a visionary, environmental activist, and pioneering founder of Australia’s first public Internet service. These grants, offered in his memory, will reflect Ian’s vision for environmental activism through meaningful connectivity.

These grants will support innovative solutions to one or more of the following focus areas:

  • Inclusion: Support for Indigenous and grassroots organizations working on environmental issues to enhance their work through increased Internet availability
  • Infrastructure: Hardware and software development, and/or deployment to understand and address the environmental impact of Internet infrastructure
  • Knowledge: Technical research that supports policy development around Internet technologies and climate change


Interested organizations will have two types of grants to apply for, depending on the scope, scale and reach of the proposed projects:

  • Small Grants: USD 30,000 targeted for pilot projects, proof of concept ideas, or narrow/concrete interventions around the Ian Peter Grants for Internet and the Environment focus areas to be implemented over six, nine or twelve months in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Scale-up Grants: USD 85,000 targeted for projects that have a completed proof of concept or business case structured and have a clear growth strategy around the Ian Peter Grants for Internet and the Environment focus areas to be implemented over twelve to eighteen months in the Asia Pacific region. Organizations receiving this grant will have to include on their budget requests a minimum of USD 15,000 to improve their staff skills and other organizational development around the areas that the organization has identified they need support to be able to cope with growth.

All industry types and stakeholder groups are eligible to apply. Environmental organizations and organizations focused on the environmental impact of the Internet will be given special consideration. Organizations developing Internet technology that serves environmental causes or reduces environmental impact, are also encouraged to apply.

Collaborative proposals are encouraged, including partnerships with organizations based outside of the Asia Pacific region. However, the grantee organization must be based in the Asia Pacific and most of the activity’s beneficiaries must be in the region.

Key dates for 2023 - applications now closed

Applications opened  2 March
Registrations closed 28 April 11:59 AM (UTC +10)
Applications closed 30 April 11:59 AM (UTC +10)
Selection process  May
Due diligence review and contracts  June - August
Announcement of successful application/s  September

Before submitting your application, please read the FAQ.